by Eden Theule

the rise and fall of empires
show the same
mistakes repeating.
a four dollar drink
and a week spent preparing
The clock strikes twelve, so
our revels now are ended.

an expensive car
is stuck in grey, city traffic
just like everyone else.
that pair of designer jeans
is thrown out when they
begin to wear.
and the world
beyond these white walls
moves and breathes,

reapplying hand sanitizer

that rule does not apply to me,
because I say so.
new year’s resolutions are happening

the endless quest for happiness
is consuming us,
the weary face in the mirror
laughs, mocks.
it reminds you
of one more birthday–


But when a man with dreadlocks
greets all with a smile
as they walk through
the coffee shop door,
the world is made
more beautiful.


Eden Theule is a freshman at SLO CLassical Academy. This poem received an honorable mention by the judges of the Hanging Lantern Review. Good job Eden!

Announcing 2014 Contest Results (Finally!)

Congratulations, contest winners!

It is a pleasure to read your work. When they announced the 2014 winners, I felt a warm and swelling pride coupled with admiration. It is wonderful to read things of beauty and truth as well as to create them. The Hanging Lantern Review is confident in the quality of the work for the magazine this year and excited to see your pieces break forth upon the world.

For those who didn’t place, please don’t believe that because you didn’t place your work was not worthwhile or that writing isn’t worthwhile. Continue to create. Continue to write.

Thank You,

Audrey Raj, Student Editor

Here are the results for the 2014 Writing Contest

High School Poetry:

Protesilaos, Caleb Campbell

A View From Griffith Observatory, Sage Theule

Coming Home, Eleanor Johnston-Carter

High School Fiction:

In Orbita, Josh Ronda

The Watchers, Joe Spillane

The Funeral, Haley Haynes Carstens

High School Non-Fiction:

A National Disgrace, Steve Wyer

The Homeric Hero, Hannah Thompson

Hector and Achilles, Eden Theule

Middle School Poetry:

Between Worlds, Maya Hampsey

Hard Earned Justice, Meg Campbell

The Written World, Isaac Lerner

Middle School Fiction:

An Animal of the Most Unpleasant Sort, Connie Moore

A Divided World, Kendra Twist

Slave to Greeks, Talia Chirman

Congratulations to all our winners.  You’ll be hearing from us soon about our Spring Reading in May.  Stay tuned!

Calling All Artists!

Alas, the writing contest has come to a close, and so begins the long and arduous process of evaluating pieces and sifting through stacks of paper for our winners. However, the Hanging Lantern Review is now accepting artwork for its second literary magazine! If you are interested in submitting a piece of artwork for the magazine, here are the requirements:

1. We will accept photos, drawings, paintings, etc.

2. We request that all submissions be a reasonable size

3. All submissions must be in black and white

4. And they must be submitted through email to hanginglanternreview@gmail.com by March 24th

Now, some of you who submitted art last year may be going, “Wait, what? Why are we only allowed to submit black and white pictures? Didn’t we get to send in color pieces last year?” Well, unfortunately, due to budget cuts, we will have to print the magazine in black and white this year. For this reason, we must ask you to send in black and white artwork. On the bright side, the magazine will be cheaper, and we eagerly look forward to viewing all the art submissions this year!

Audrey Raj

Meet our 2014 Judges

This year, the Hanging Lantern Review is pleased to add two new author judges to its roster. In addition to fiction writer Paige Eve Chant, who served as a prose judge last year, and poet William Camponovo, who taught in the Hanging Lantern Review summer workshop and served as poetry judge, we are thrilled to have the participation of essayist and poet, Sarah Erickson, and esteemed local fiction and spiritual writer, Paula Huston.


Huston has written two critically acclaimed novels and six works of creative non-fiction. She will serve as our featured judge this year, and will select the winners for our high school fiction contest. She lives in Arroyo Grande and in addition to writing, teaches and mentors students in the creative writing MFA program at Seattle Pacific University. 

To read more about Paula Huston, and her wonderful contributions to our local literary scene and to education, please visit this article about her recently released novel, A Land Without Sin. To read about our other judges, please see below!


LA-resident and Philadelphia native William Camponovo was included in the 2011 Best New Poets anthology, and has been published in Pacifica Literary Review, Iron Horse, The Seattle Review, and The Language Exchange at Sarah Lawrence College. Last summer, he taught poetry at the Hanging Lantern Review summer workshop in San Luis Obispo. 

Sacramento native Paige Eve Chant currently lives in Princeton, New Jersey, where she is working on her first novel, Say You Have Seen Something. In 2010, Paige served as The Milton Fellow at Seattle Pacific University, where she taught creative writing. Her work has been published in Flint Hills Review, Seattle Review, Teaparty Magazine (an art and culture publication) and Santa Clara Review. She was also a finalist in the 2009 Glimmer Train “Family Matters” contest. Paige’s work can be read at http://paigeevechant.com/blog/


Kingsburg native Sarah Erickson is a lyric essayist and poet with two MFA degrees from the University of Washington: one in poetry, and one in prose. Published in Pageboy and a regular contributor to Seattle’s Child magazine, she has taught creative writing in Seattle and Rome, and is currently working on her first TV Pilot, a collaboration with SLOCA teacher Sarah Shotwell.  

We are so excited to have these incredible judges involved in our writing contest this year! Brush up that work and be sure to submit to hanginglanternreview@gmail.com before midnight on Friday!